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42 FAQs

  • All rocks in the scenic area, national parks, and nature conservation area have their rare and unique geological values in terms of the structure and formation of rocks. Their protection and preservation are our responsibilities for the learning and appreciation of future generations. The removal of rocks is regulated by the Mining Law, Soil, Sand, Gravel and Rock Exploitation Law, and the Tourism Development Act. Such behavior will reduce the amount of natural rocks at seaside and damage the natural landscape. Attempts to take rocks with you through customs when leaving the country will be stopped by the airport police, and you will be asked to leave the rocks behind. Please only take pictures of the rocks if you like them and don’t make any attempts that might lead to warnings and unpleasant moments.
  • According to “Important Notices Regarding the Handling of Drift Wood from Natural Disasters,” it is okay to pick up drift wood in this area once official announcements have been made by the Hualien and Taitung County governments to allow such behaviors.
  • Certain injured animals such as the Formosan ferret-badgers can be hostile and virus-born. Visitors are advised to put their own safety first. If feral dogs, cats, or badgers are found, the local Animal Disease Control Center should be alerted. Taitung: (089)233720. Hualien: (03)8227431. For birds, the Conservation Section of the County Government can be contacted. Assistance can also be sought from the local Wild Bird Federation. Taitung (089)322678. Hualien: (03)8339434. We are not a specialized animal protection agency but if injured animals are discovered in our jurisdiction, visitor centers or management offices can be contacted. Our colleagues will be there to provide assistance.
  • Currently, AEDs can be found at thirteen locations including Xiaoyeliu Visitor Center, Water Running Upward, Douli Visitor Center, Chenggong Marine Environmental Education Center, Sanxiantai Visitor Center, Baxian Cave Visitor Center, Lüdao Visitor Center, Zhaori Hot Spring, Tropic of Cancer, Xibulan Visitor Center, Shitiping (terraced rocks), Hualien Visitor Center, and Xiuguluan River Visitor Center. AED certification has been obtained in December 2017.
  • (1) All visitor centers in our jurisdiction (including Lüdao) are equipped with emergency kits. Staff members received basic training and can provide basic medical assistance.
    (2) Institutions that can provide medical care along Provincial Highway 11 and on Lüdao are as below.
    -Taitung County:
    Donghe Township Public Health Center (089)896289
    Taitung Hospital Chenggong Branch (089)854748
    Chenggong Township Public Health Center (089)851419
    Changbin Township Public Health Center
    Lüdao Township Public Health Center (089)672511
    - Hualien County:
    Hualien Hospital Feng Bin Aboriginal Branch (03)8791385
    (3) During peak season for rafting on the Xiuguluan River – late June to early September every year, Hualien Hospital operates mobile medical care stations at Kiwit Rafting Rest Stop and Xibulan Visitor Center. Opening hours are as below.
    Kiwit Rafting Rest Stop: 9am to 1pm daily.
    Xibulan Visitor Center: 1:30pm to 4pm daily.
  • Please report to cleaning staff on site or use the service phones located near billboards to contact us. You can also call our office at 089-841520 to report to staff on duty.
  • (1) Visitors to Hualien, Taitung, Lüdao, and Orchid Island renting electric motorcycles from participating rental companies can be subsidized up to NTD100 per motorcycle per day by the end of 2020 (adjustable based on the annual budget).
    (2) When renting electric motorcycles, the following procedures must be completed such that the subsidized amount can be directly deducted from the rental fee:
    a. Sign a “Motorcycle rental contract.”
    b. Fill out the “Receipt of motorcycle rental subsidy”
    c. Provide a copy of proof of transportation when coming to the offshore island.
    (3) Subsidy coverage is limited to five motorcycles or five days for each visitor each month.
  • Free pamphlets are available at all visitor centers. We also publish guide book series that can be purchased from the visitor centers, Government Books, and Wunan Books.
  • All texts, images, and other multimedia material on our website are subject to copyright and protected by law. Unless for non-profit purposes such as reporting, commenting, teaching, and research, any use of the said materials is only possible with the permission or authorization by East Coast Scenic Area Administration. Contents involving the copyright of others can only be used with the permission or authorization by the copyright owner. When quoting and using materials, please cite the correct references. Please refer to the links at the bottom of each webpage on our website for the copyright disclaimer.
  • Wi-Fi hotspots are located at visitor centers, affiliated information kiosks, and major tourist attractions, including Jialulan, Water Running Upward, Amis Folk Center, Chenggong Marine Environmental Education Center, Sanxiantai, Shitiping (terraced rocks) and Nanliao Fishery Harbor public toilet of Lüdao. Visitors are welcomed to use these Wi-Fi hotspots.