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42 FAQs

  • (1) In addition to the Shimen-Changbin bike trail on Provincial Highway 11, we recommend six lesser-known bike routes: the Sanxiantai-Chenggong Township bike trail, Donghe-Taiyuan Community bike trail, Paong'ong old provincial highway, Changbin-Zhongyong Community bike trail, Moonlight Inn-Doulan-Doulan Cape bike trail, and Jingpu-Kiwit Tribe bike trail. Each trail has its own unique features, offering ocean view, adventures, and landscapes. Please refer to our website (Home/Travel/Theme Tour/Sport/Bike Trip) for information about each trail.
    (2) There are 75 bike supply and repair stations within our jurisdiction (including our offices, bike stops, police stations, farmers’ associations, offshore patrol and inspection offices, tribes, household registration offices) that offer rest space, among which 43 stations offer supplies (water supply service at 43 stations, tire pumping service at 38 stations, and basic repair service at 33 stations). Supplies can also be bought from four 7-11 stores.
  • There are nine recommended experience programs in our jurisdiction: Donghe tribe, Douli tribe, Bixilian tribe, Nanzhuhu tribe, Jingpu tribe, Kiwit tribe, Xinshe tribe, Shuilian tribe, Doulan tribe. The programs are designed according to the different culture of each tribe, including special meals, accommodations, arts and crafts, musical and dance performances. Contact information is as follows:
    ●Donghe tribe:
    Email: amis600@yahoo.com.tw
    Contact person: Mr. Akila Lin 0963-270108
    Contact person: Ms. Amy Wu 0916-976011
    ●Kiwit tribe:
    Contact person: Ms. Gui-mei Pan 03-8991220
    Contact person: Jin-ying Jiang 0912-523026
    ●Jingpu tribe:
    Jingpu Tribe Community Development Association / 03-8781697
    ●Bixilian tribe:
    Email: pawpaw260@gmail.com
    Contact person: Ms. Zhu-han Lin 0915-777124
    ●Shuilian tribe:
    Phone: 0986-997778, 03-8513990
    ●Xinshe tribe:
    Paterongan Flying Fish / 0979-201122
    ●Nanzhuhu tribe:
    Bananzhuhu Community Development Association, Chairman Hu / 0935-923471
    ●Douli tribe:
    Community Development Association of Xinyi Community, Chenggong Township, Taitung County, Ms. Xiaofan Wu / 0966-509919
  • Whale watching service is available from Shiti Fishery Harbor in Hualien and Chenggong New Harbor in Taitung. The success rate of spotting whales is the highest here in Taiwan. Whale watching is possible all year long, with June-August every year being the best season when the tides are calm. Success rate during this time can be as high as 90%.
  • Night tours to Xiaoyeliu are run from 1 May to 31 October, 19:30-20:00 on Friday and Saturday. Sunday and Thursday tours are available by reservation for groups of at least 10 people. The guided tour is free. For sign-up, please call (089)281530 or visit our website or Facebook page “Night tour to Xiaoyeliu.”
    To maintain the cleanliness of the environment in Xiaoyeliu, during the night tour period (1 May to 31 October), additional cleaning and maintenance staff will be on site, and for this reason, the charging of cleaning and maintenance fee will be extended to 21:30. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • You can sign up for the Chengong fishing village tour all year long. For the latest event information and sign-up, please call (089)851174, 0919128356 or visit our website or Facebook page “Chenggong fishing village tour.”
  • The “Stroll in Doulan” tour can be booked all year long. The fees are as follows:
    Course A: Guided tour of tribes NTD250
    Course B: DIY activity NTD350
    Course C: Indigenous meal NTD400

    Discounted course combos:
    A+B NTD500, A+C NTD500, A+B+C NTD850

    For the latest event information and sign-up, please call 0973-463097.
  • Beach clean-ups are held from 1 May to 30 November. Beaches to clean include Xiaoyeliu, Jialulan, and Sanxiantai. We will have all the necessary tools ready for you. For more information please call (089)271350 or visit our Facebook page.
  • Fushan Fish Recovery Area is located at the 153.3-km marker of Provincial Highway 11, just north of Shanyuan Beach. You can take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle or Dingdong Bus. Entrance fees are charged at the Fushan Fish Recovery Area:
    (1) Full-fare ticket NTD40
    ● For visitors of and above the age of 12 and below the age of 65
    (2) Concession ticket NTD20 (with an ID)
    ● Taitung County residents (with a household registration in Taitung County)
    ● Children of and above the age of 3 and below the age of 12
    ● Seniors of and above the age of 65
    (3) Free entry (with an ID)
    ● Fushan Village residents
    ● Visitors with disabilities (upon presentation of the disability manual) and one accompanying visitor
    ● Children below the age of 3
    ● Volunteers (upon presentation of the volunteer honor card)
    For more information please contact Fushan Fishing Resource Reserve (089)281582.
  • (1) Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Turn left at the exit and you will see the entrance of Fugang Geopark (Xiaoyeliu). Cross the road and find the bus top in front of Fugang Elementary School.
    (2) Dingdong Bus: Turn right at the exit and you will see the exit of the Fugang Geopark (Xiaoyeliu). Cross the road and find the bus stop.
    (3) Puyuma Bus: Turn left at the exit. You will find the bus stop in front of the mini café next to the shops.
  • (1) By ferry:
    Ferries run from Fugang Fishery Harbor of Taitung to Lüdao. The trip is 50-minute long. Four ferry companies operate on this route daily. The boat schedule is published monthly on the EZ Boat website. Visitors can check the schedule before making a reservation by phone. Please arrive 30 minutes before departure time to get the tickets from the Fugang Fishing Port ticket office.
    - Farnlin Shipping Co., Ltd. (Triumph)
    - Longhong Navigation Co., Ltd. (Green Island (Lüdao) Star)
    - Changjie Shipping Co., Ltd. (Uranus)
    - Dafa Shipping Co., Ltd. (Golden Star)
    (2) By plane
    Daily Air is the only airline that operates on the route from Tatung to Lüdao. The flight is about 15-minute long. Please check Daily Air’s website for the flight schedules. Tickets can be reserved by phone.
    Daily Air booking: (07)8014711
    Daily Air counter at Taitung airport: (089)362676
    Daily Air counter at Lüdao airport: (089)617261