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Buses to Chenggong

A stroll in town towards Chenggong Port

The gentle sea breeze brings the salty smell of the sea and the haggling sounds of the ongoing auctions at the port.It turns out to be fishermen returning to the port to unload their catch. The fish market has started business and it is very buzzing.Chenggong Township is previously known as Malaolou from the Amis language. Chenggong Fish Harbor is also called Xingang Fish Harbor. It is the most important as well as the largest fishing harbor on the East Coast, known for fresh catch of seafood and bonito flakes.

Follow professional guides for an in-depth tour.

Professional guides by appointment allows you to take an in-depth tour of Chenggong Township.Try spearfishing of Marlin, listen to the stories, taste the delicious food – all the best experiences this little fishing town can offer are in your grasp.

The most beautiful landmark

  • Sanxiantai


    The first ray of sunshine in Taiwan is always cast on Sanxiantai, waking up the island asleep. Sanxiantai is located in the northeast of Chenggong Township, comprised of offshore islets and coral reefs. Odd-shaped rocks scatter around the island. Allegedly, Lü Dongbin, Li Tieguai, and He Xiangu of the Eight Immortals have been to this island and hence the name, Sanxiantai (Three Immortal Island).The Sanxiantai bridge is comprised of eight connecting arches in red and gray colors. The magnificent bridge has a shape that resembles a dragon crouching over the sea.

    No. 74, Jihui Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County

    Ticket information: parking fee is charged.



  • Shiyusan (Umbrella Rock)

    Shiyusan (Umbrella Rock)

    Located on the shore north of Chenggong Township, the 1-km long headland is formed by rising limestone. It is a well-known geological site on the East Coast at which the balanced rocks are the best known. Comprised of a narrow rock that holds on its top a larger coral reef, this unique balanced structure looks like an umbrella and thus is called Shiyusan (Umbrella Rock).At Shiyusan, don’t forget to visit a local favorite spot, Xiaochuanao beach. Walk on the beach and step into the sea, enjoy the charming and relaxing seaside.

    Chenggong Township, Taitung County (Next to the 105.8-km marker on Provincial Highway 11)



  • Xiaoma Tunnel

    Xiaoma Tunnel

    It is little known that Chenggong Township is a historical place. Xiaoma Tunnel is a recognized historical site that is 80 years old. It is the only remaining tunnel on the ground in Taitung County. During the Japanese colonial period, Xiaoma Canal was renovated. The Amis people were forced to work on the site to expand the canal to a tunnel for cars. The one-way tunnel is 3.5m wide, 3.75m high, and 230m long. It was the only way into Taiyuan Basin, so the locals called it Taiyuan Tunnel. Driving in the tunnel will give you a true experience of “seeing light at the end of the tunnel.”

    Take the southbound Provincial Highway 11 and turn right after the 129-km marker onto Chenggong Tunnel Road. You will find the east end of Xiaoma Tunnel just a bit ahead. Go through Xiaoma Tunnel and connect to Provincial Highway 23 (Dongfu Highway).

  • The outdoor lawn of Douli Visitor Center

    The outdoor lawn of Douli Visitor Center

    The lawn area showcases all the artwork from the East Coast Land Art Festival of previous years and offers a great view of Sanxiantai towards the north, and Lüdao towards the south. With the green grass and the ocean as the backdrop, you can sit or lie down here and relax, or take lots of photos for your social media posts. This charming scenic spot is also the best natural stage for the Moonlight Sea Concert.

    No. 25, Xincun Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County 961, Taiwan


    Getting here: Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - East Coast Line “Amis Folk Center” Stop.

  • Yiwan “Card” Church (Yiwan Presbyterian Church)

    Yiwan “Card” Church (Yiwan Presbyterian Church)

    This white, Gothic architecture is very eye-catching. The Yiwan Presbyterian Church is a unique architecture on the East Cost. Allegedly, the architect designed the church based on cards he collected as a child, and hence the name.If you pass by here during your trip, do not miss out on this colorful, charming church.

    No. 11, Yiwan Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County

    Only the exterior is open to the public. The interior is not accessible.

    This attraction is in a residential area. Please lower your voice so you don’t disturb the residents.

  • Xinyi Gengxin Church

    Xinyi Gengxin Church

    The Xingang Presbyterian Church in Chenggong, Taitung is an old Japanese house of 90 years of history. During the Japanese Colonial period, the Xingang official Sugamiya Katsutaro, because of his love for the land, refused to transfer and after he resigned, stayed in Xingang. In 1932, he built a two-floor wooden house, which was purchased by Presbyterian Dr. Gao Duanli in 1946 and turned in to the Gao-an Clinic. Twenty years ago, Xingang Church purchased this building and began the restoration plan “A New Resting Stop for the Heart” in 2015, hoping to introduce to the public this historical building that has witnessed important political, medical, and religious developments and in turn inspire more local efforts in Xingang.

    No. 59, Zhongshan E. Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County


    Opening hours: 10:00~17:00、Sunday 12:00~17:00
    Closed on Wednesday.

    This attraction is in a residential area. Please lower your voice so you don’t disturb the residents.

  • Douli mirror in a mirror

    Douli mirror in a mirror

    A secluded beach near Douli Tribe is quiet and peaceful when the tide is low. The shallow water on the beach reflects the sky, and hence the name “mirror of the sky.” It’s a hot spot for social media posts.

    Douli Tribe, Xinyi Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County (Around the 123.5-km marker on Provincial Highway 11)

    One hour before and after low tide is the best time for capturing “mirror of the sky.” Be sure to check online the tide times of the day.

Indigenous culture

  • Pisirian Tribe

    Pisirian Tribe

    Pisirian Tribe is by the seaside Sanxian Community, Chenggong Township. In the Amis language, “siri” means goat. In the past, there were many goats in the tribe. “Pisirian”—the place for keeping goats—is therefore given as the name. Follow the sound of pounding waves, walk along the quiet alleys. Experience the rhythm of tribal life while enjoying Jimmy’s artwork.

    Baishoulian Community, Taitung City, Taitung County

    You can call advance to make a reservation for the PawPaw Drum performance. (089-854434,0915-777124)

  • Douli Tribe

    Douli Tribe

    Douli Tribe is blessed with the unique location of being by the mountain as well as the sea. There is a bay full of resources as well fertile land. When you walk into the tribe, the first thing that you will see is a traditional thatch hut surrounded by coconut trees which serves as a welcome center for visitors that showcases the history and culture of the tribe. At Douli Tribe, you can enjoy local cuisines, experience rafting on the sea, try shell-flower rose or tobacco rolling, and take guided tours of the tribe. Just relax and enjoy the tribe.

    No. 63-1, Duli Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County

    089-841896 / 0966-509919

    Opening hours:09:00-17:00

    Please respect the indigenous culture and follow the rules and local customs.

  • Amis Folk Center

    Amis Folk Center

    The Amis Folk Center is located next to the Head Office of East Coast National Scenic Area Administration. The whole area is about 2 hectares in size. Here you can try archery, Amis beading, and enjoy traditional pan flute and dance performances. It is not only a great place to experience the Amis traditional culture but also the perfect spot for family trips.

    1F., No. 1-5, Gangbian Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County


    Opening hours:09:00~17:00(Closed on Wednesday)

Fishing village culture

  • Chenggong Marine Environmental Education Center

    Chenggong Marine Environmental Education Center

    The Marine Environmental Education Center is located next to Xingang Fishing Harbor. The Center offers information about cetaceans, as well as spearfishing processes and tools, and the unique fishing culture of Chenggong. Free guided tours help tourists gain deeper understanding of the highly valuable marine ecology around Taitung. There is also an outdoor spearfishing podium where visitors can simulate the experience of spearfishing marlins and imagine how exciting it might be for the fishermen on the sea.

    1F., No. 1-5, Gangbian Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County


    Opening hours:09:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday)

  • The only marlin god – the Marlin God at Wanshan Temple

    The only marlin god – the Marlin God at Wanshan Temple

    Wanshan Temple was originally a small temple for wandering spirits on the sea unable to reincarnate. In 1956, local gentleman Mr. Li Yi-yi set up this temple as a branch of the Nankunshen Temple from Tainan. Sixty years have gone by since then. Every year on August 24 of the lunar calendar – the birthday of Wanshan Ye Gong (the host god of this temple) – visitors from around the county will come to celebrate and pay their respect. In 2000, as authorized by Wanshn Ye Gong, the only Marlin God statue was made and placed in the temple for visitors to worship. Weighing 200kg and 3.6m in length, the wooden Marlin God is the super star of the annual lantern festival parade in Chenggong Township.

    No. 19, Gangbian Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County
    Turn to Zhongshan Road at about the 114-km marker on Provincial Highway 11. Go straight for about 450m until the end of the road. From there you will find a pedestrian walk leading to the port. If you are driving, after turning right onto Zhongshan East Road, go straight for 100m and then turn left to Minquan Road. Go straight until the end of the road to reach to the port.


  • Auctions at the fish market

    Auctions at the fish market

    The live auctions at the fish market of Chenggong Harbor is the busiest time of the day. In the past, trading fish stock is done by negotiations before it was changed to open auctions. Auctions are held six days a week except Sundays. Around 2pm everyday the auctions begin and held in the order of small fish to big fish. Bidders must be certified distributors by Fishermen’s Association. When the auction begins, the auctioneer, based on the freshness and size of the fish, will first call out a price higher than market price and the price will be gradually reduced from there. Bidders can nod, make a sound or gesture if they find the price acceptable. If multiple bidders are interested, they can only join the bid with a price higher than the current one – the price can only go up, and not down. How much increase should be added is a strategic choice based on courage, insight, and experience. It is very interesting to observe the dynamics between the auctioneers and the distributors, which are both intellectual (strategic) and physical (with the gestures).

    No. 19, Gangbian Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County


    Opening hours:24H

    The Chenggong Marlin Festival is held every year in October

Delicious Chenggong street food

  • Marlin sashimi

    Marlin sashimi
  • Flying fish cuisine

    Flying fish cuisine
  • Deep fried Mahi-mahi fish fingers

    Deep fried Mahi-mahi fish fingers
  • Marlin meatball

    Marlin meatball
  • White shrimp

    White shrimp
  • Bonito flakes

    Bonito flakes
  • Minced pork rice with dried mahi-mahi

    Minced pork rice with dried mahi-mahi
  • Hakka dishes

    Hakka dishes
  • Douhua (tofu pudding)

    Douhua (tofu pudding)
  • Taiwanese beef jerky

    Taiwanese beef jerky
  • Traditional pastries

    Traditional pastries
  • Navel orange

    Navel orange