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Senior tour

Senior tour
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To live is to learn. On the journey of life, you will find a great variety of scenery worthy of your time and appreciation. At Hani Pottery Studio, you will be able to experience the handcraft of pottery, enjoy music and dance performances by the indigenous people, take part in special activities on the East Coast, and visit art installations. The seaside scenery and natural beauty are also waiting for you.

◎ Duration: 1 day
◎ Starting time: 8:30

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Hani Pottery Studio
Hani Pottery Studio is located in the Jialulan Tribe on the East Coast. Mr. Hani started his pottery career from making everyday items. On the shelves in the studio you will find diverse everyday pottery items. Other East Coast artists and students visit the studio regularly for pottery knowledge and skill exchange with Mr. Hani. In the future, he plans to display and share the artwork by the visiting artists and students so more people can appreciate the work.
工作室*The studio does not have regular opening hours. If you intend to visit, please call in advance.

Performance by the Amis Kakeng Musical Group at the Amis Folk Center
The Amis Folk Center is located next to the Head Office of East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters in Torik. The whole area is about 2 hectares in size, including an outdoor performance plaza and outdoor seating that can accommodate 2,000 people. It is a great place to experience the Amis traditional culture.
The main building of the Center is comprised of ceremonial houses and residential houses, a replica of Shaman’s houses of Taibalang Tribe of Hualien. Inside the houses, you will find exhibitions of tribal artifacts, handcrafts, and traditional dance performances. In addition to the special architecture, there are exhibitions of tribal artifacts, handcrafts, specialty products, food, and traditional dance performances in the Center.
阿美族民俗中心◆Suggested time: 9:00-17:00
◆Crutches (2), wheelchair (1) are available for borrowing
◆Accessible facilities: accessible toilet (1), accessible parking lots (3)

Torik Visitor Center
Torik Visitor Center is situated against the mountain and facing the sea. Towards the north, you can see Chenggong Township and Sanxiantai, and towards the south, Lüdao. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Inside the Center, there are various themed exhibition including the Amis section, the ocean section, East Coast scenery section, and the interactive experience section. Through various interactive multimedia facilities, films, models, and themed exhibitions, visitors can learn about the unique ecological and cultural features of the East Coast, as well as the various activities they can take part in here.
都歷遊客中心◆Suggested time: 8:30-17:00
◆Crutches (2), wheelchair (1), and bikes for disabled people are available for borrowing.
◆Accessible facilities: accessible toilets (3), accessible parking lots (3).

Jialulan Recreational Area
At Jialulan, there is a large grass field, a pagoda and tourist center of distinct design, and a viewing platform where you can look out to Doulan Bay, Doulan Mountain, and Fugang Geopark (Xiaoyeliu). It not only offers a great place for a break during your East Coast trip, it is also a wonderful photo spot. Tourists can relax in the sound of waves, the sea breeze, and the warm sunlight in Jialulan.
Besides the natural beauty, there is various driftwood art and carved stone art on display in the park. You might notice that driftwood art was used to decorate the pagoda.
Every year during summer and fall, a group of artists gather here and present their art in the Jialulan handcraft market. Their original artwork is focused on utilizing natural materials. Along with various activities such as outdoor movie screening and live music performance of local bands, visitors can stroll around, shop at the market, and experience the natural, simple, creative, and hospitable East Coast.
加路蘭遊憩區◆Suggested time: 11:30-13:20
◆Accessible facilities: accessible toilet (1), accessible parking lots (2), accessible ocean view platform (1).


1. Hualien and Taitung are places where indigenous culture is preserved. Please respect the local lifestyle. Appreciate and experience the culture with an open mind.
2.When conducting water sports, please be sure to be accompanied by certified coaches. Do not enter the water by yourself and please always put your own safety first.
3. Before departure, please check again if all necessary personal items and medications are packed.
Route: Hani Pottery Studio in Jialulan -> Performance by the Amis Kakeng Musical Group at the Amis Folk Center -> Douli Visitor Center -> Jialuan Recreational Area -> Return home
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