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Pisirian (Bixilian) Tribe

Pisirian (Bixilian) Tribe
East Coast National Scenic Area
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Drumming away and singing aloud, reminiscing about the good old days of goat herding.
In the Amis language, “Siri” means goat. In the past, there are many goats in the tribe. “Pisirian”—the place for keeping goats—is therefore given as the name. In recent years, Pisirian has been losing its youth and adolescent population. In order to care for the children whose parents left the tribe for work, the tribe set up the “PawPaw Drum” band. Through traditional music and Amis songs, the band passes down knowledge to the children. Using limited resources, Pisirian Cultural Center, the home of PawPaw Drum, was established. Led by international artist, Rahic.Talif, driftwood goats have been handcrafted.

Homemade Bread and Local Meals—Tasting the Pisirian Culture
There is no fixed menu. Using fresh produce and daily catches, there is no need for complicated culinary techniques. Food is naturally delicious. Goat milk cheese, pumpkins growing in the tribal farm, oranges, tana, hibiscus—each ingredient represents an element of life in the tribe. Chefs from Jimmy S.P.A. co-developed the creative way of infusing tribal culture into bread making, allowing diners to experience the life in Pisirian with every bite of the bread.

The Rhythm of Life—PawPaw Drum
“Pawpaw” in Amis means buoy in the sea. In an effort to care for children whose parents left the tribe for work, the tribe and artist, Talaluki, created musical instruments with used buoys and pushed for the creation of Pawpaw Drum band with the help of Chunmei Chen, Director of Sanxian Community Development Association. The early version of Pawpaw drum has a base made of the root of thorny bamboo. Due to scarcity of this material, driftwood from typhoon season began to be used as a substitute. With Amis weaving, painted patterns, and sculpting incorporated, PawPaw Drum has become an eco-friendly musical instrument with the strongest tribal character.

Strolling in Pisirian and Jimmy’s Tribal Art
Pisirian is blessed with great natural resources of both mountain and sea. With the passion and efforts from the tribesmen, their talents in music and art have been explored and developed. The tribal spirit is being content and grateful, respectful of nature, and warm and hospitable to others. With the introduction by the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration, the tribe found much connection with the Jimmy S.P.A. team and from that an artistic collaboration is born. Pisirian became the external site for the “Jimmy – how to own a corner: Taitung edition” exhibition. Eleven painted walls and driftwood cattle were set up in Pisirian, surprising visitors in alleys and corners of the tribe.

Wood Carving Experience – You’re a Natural-born Artist Too
Big goat, small goat, and mini goats, all stand in a row with their own expressions. Plates, spoons, chopsticks, and rice spatula have their warm and delicate touch with the aroma of wood. Every piece of carved wood is handmade. The artistic talents of Amis not only shine through their singing and painting but also their wood carving art. When visiting the tribe, you can try DIY carving a small goat.

Recommended Itinerary
Day1: Lunch (homemade bread and light meal) -> Small goat DIY -> Strolling among the tribal art -> Dinner -> Enjoy Pawpaw Drum performance -> Watch the starry sky on the levee and listen to the sound of waves -> Counting sheep to sleep
Day2: Mamu’s breakfast -> Sunrise at Sanxiantai -> Lunch (tribal meal) -> Return home

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1. Each tribe has its unique culture and taboos. Before visiting the tribe, please acquaint yourself with the tribal conventions and ask for guidance by local residents.
2. Please respect the private space of tribal residents. Do not enter private property without permission or make noises and disturbance in the tribe.
3. Please respect the tribal religious ceremonies. During ceremonial period, please obey the rules and taboos. Do not disturb the ongoing ceremonies by entering without permission, taking photos, or making loud noises.
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