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Cawi’ (Jingpu) Tribe

Cawi’ (Jingpu) Tribe
East Coast National Scenic Area
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Jingpu, a village of warm colors, is called "Cawi" in the Amis language, meaning the flats in the cavity of a mountain. Located in Fengbin Township, Hualien County, Cawi' is situated at the estuary of Xiuguluan River. With the rich natural resources in the estuary, fishing becomes the main industry of the tribe and seafood is their staple food. Until now, fishing at daybreak remains a tribal tradition being passed down from generation to generation.

Amis Kaiseki Cuisine
The Cawi' tribe has quietly built an earthen oven that urban people would envy. It is the kind that can be used to bake bread. Mr. Yao-Zong Chen, a chef specialized in Amis Kaiseki cuisine, has also moved to Cawi' to continue developing his no-menu banquets. Nurtured by traditional Amis food and drink culture, Mr. Chen turns fresh local ingredients into amazing cuisine that is sure to leave a long-lasting impression for diners.

Bamboo Rafting
Try bamboo rafting on Xiuguluan River and enjoy the great scenery along the way: the graceful Long Rainbow Bridge, with the lush green mountains as the backdrop. On the side you will find the secluded Xibulan Island, and the boundless Pacific Ocean right in front of you. Mountain, sea, river, and island all weaved into a beautiful picture and accompanied by the gentle breeze. At sunset, you will see white herons flying over.

Eight-Trigram Nets
Pulling in strings, covering the outer nets, separating the inner nets, and using their body strength to cast the eight-trigram nets – a seamless set of movements not everyone can master. In the fishing life of Cawi', eight-trigram net is one of the key elements. You’re welcome to experience the life of a fisherman.

Archery Experience
Do you wish to become a legendary archer? Come to Cawi' and give it a shot. Pick up a traditional bow and start by practicing stringing the bow. Aim at the target to see if you have the potential to be a hunter.

Chasing Hippa Ovalis
Do you know where you can find Hippa Ovalis, commonly known as "backward-going crabs?" Just follow the tribal people to the beach. Hippa Ovalis usually hide in incoming waves, before washing up on shore. You will find them if you look closely.

Suggested route:
Xiuguluan rubber rafting -> Shrimp cage placing and eight-trigram net experience -> Hippa Ovalis -> Dining at Canglah Restaurant -> Tribal tour

Contact information
Cawi’ Community Development Association +886-3-8781697
1. Each tribe has its unique culture and taboos. Before visiting the tribe, please acquaint yourself with the tribal conventions and ask for guidance by local residents.
2. Please respect the private space of tribal residents. Do not enter private property without permission or make noises and disturbance in the tribe.
3. Please respect the tribal religious ceremonies. During ceremonial period, please obey the rules and taboos. Do not disturb the ongoing ceremonies by entering without permission, taking photos, or making loud noises.
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