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Paterongan (Xinshe) Tribe

Paterongan (Xinshe) Tribe
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Land of Revival of the Kavalan Culture
Located in Fengbin Township, Hualien County, Paterongan is a tribe where many Kavalan people gather. Historically, the Kavalan people went through much hardship and were forced to move to many different places. With continuous efforts, they finally obtained a correct name and continued to revive and pass on their culture. Compared to other tribes on the East Coast, Paterongan people are moderate and reserved. The cultural features of Kavalan make the Paterongan tribe unique.

Chef Zhong of the Secluded Wonderland
Using water from Lalaban, the sacred mountain of Kavalan, for hydraulic power generation used in farming Taiwan Tilapia, Chef A-Zhong of the tribe, satisfies visitors with his one-of-a-kind cuisine and the great scenery of the mountains and the sea.

Mountains, Sea, and the Rice Paddies
Here you will find rice paddies overlooking the ocean and leaning against the lush mountains, as well as relics of stone coffins and the megalithic culture. The scarecrows are the guardians of the fields. Don't forget to come here and experience the beauty of merging the past and present.

Paterongan Handcraft Workshop
Paterongan Handcraft Workshop was founded by Tuwaq Toyaw, fiber artist Shu-Yan Chen, and other tribal craftsmen. By using local materials, they pass on the traditional tribal crafts to younger generations. The handmade Sanku shaped like bamboo fishing traps are lamps of an eco-friendly and modern design.

Banana Stem Fiber Workshop
Kavalan’s craftsmanship of banana stem fiber is a unique cultural feature and asset of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan. The complicated procedures from growing and harvesting bananas; scraping, drying, separating the fiber; and threading, winding the fiber; to finally weaving artifacts shows a highly developed craftsman culture.

Suggest route
Lunch -> Blessings by tribal elders -> Guided tour of the craft house -> Paterongan beach -> Paterongan landmark and scarecrows -> Relics of stone coffins and rice paddies -> Visiting the banana stem fiber workshop

Contact information
Paterongan Flying Fish +886-979-201122
1. Each tribe has its unique culture and taboos. Before visiting the tribe, please acquaint yourself with the tribal conventions and ask for guidance by local residents.
2. Please respect the private space of tribal residents. Do not enter private property without permission or make noises and disturbance in the tribe.
3. Please respect the tribal religious ceremonies. During ceremonial period, please obey the rules and taboos. Do not disturb the ongoing ceremonies by entering without permission, taking photos, or making loud noises.
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