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Muslim Tour – North to South (2 day)

Muslim Tour – North to South (2 day)
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If you haven’t seen the magnificent scenery of ocean waves, you must visit the East Coast and take the Muslim tour. Follow us to Fengbin to experience the thrilling skywalk made of glass. Visit Sanxiantai and indulge yourself in the amazing craft of nature. Enjoy the unique view of Water Running Upward and ride a bike around the forest park. You are sure to be impressed by the beautiful scenery and this trip is definitely worth your while.

◎ Duration: 2 days and 1 night
◎ Starting point: Hualien City

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〔DAY 1〕

Fengbin Skywalk
Located on the Qinbuzhizi Cliffs right outside of Xinfeng Tunnel on Provincial Highway 11, the 150-m long skywalk is constructed with H-steel and tempered glass at the altitude of 50 meters. On one side is the mountain, while the other is the blue Pacific Ocean. The view under your feet is sure to send chills down your spine.
The name “Qinbuzhizi” Skywalk came from an old tale of the indigenous people: An indigenous woman carried her child on the back when climbing over the cliff. She was so nervous when doing so that she only realized her child had fallen off the cliff when she arrived. “Qinbuzhizi” in Chinese literally means “parent doesn’t know child” and by the extended meaning of this old tale, refers to situations like the cliff so dangerous and difficult in which even the most loving parents cannot guarantee the safety of their children. Everyone can only watch out for themselves.
King Kong Avenue
The seemingly endless King Kong Avenue is a path leading to the mysterious land. Going towards the King Kong mountain, the scenery of the Pacific Ocean and Changguang Community is all in your sight. On a good day, the view of King Kong mountain will be exceptionally clear. You can see the facial features of King Kong standing on the cliff, like a guardian angel of the Changguang Tribe, watching over generations of tribal people.
Sanxiantai Recreational Area
According to an ancient myth, Lu Dongbin, Li Tieguai, and He Xiangu of the Eight Immortals have been to this island and hence the origin of the name Sanxiantai (Three Immortal Island). Besides the natural wonders such as the Xianjian Cliff and Hehuan Holes that are related to the ancient tales of Sanxiantai, there are also various geological wonders such as the scattered sea trenches, sea caves, sea columns, and sea walls to impress visitors with nature’s amazing craft. The eight-arch bridge completed in 1987 looks like a dragon crouching over the sea. It has become a famous landmark that you must visit on the East Coast.
Amis Folk Center
The main building of the Center is comprised of ceremonial houses and residential houses, a replica of Shaman’s houses of Taibalang Tribe of Hualien. In addition to the special architecture, there are exhibitions of tribal artifacts, handcrafts, specialty products, food, and traditional dance performances in the Center.
Douli Visitor Center
Douli Visitor Center is situated against the mountain and facing the sea. Towards the north, you can see Chenggong Township and Sanxiantai, and towards the south, Lüdao. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Inside the Center, there are various themed exhibition including the Amis section, the ocean section, East Coast scenery section, and the interactive experience section. Through various interactive multimedia facilities, films, models, and themed exhibitions, visitors can learn about the unique ecological and cultural features of the East Coast, as well as the various activities they can take part in here.
Donghe Bridge
Donghe Bridge is located at the estuary to the sea of Mawuku River, connecting Chenggong Township and Donghe Township. The old bridge and the new bridge coexist on the river, each bearing its own unique characteristics, showcasing the beauty of architectural design. With the blue sky and the leafy green Taiyuan Valley as the background, it looks like a Shan Shui painting of natural landscapes.
Water Running Upward
As soon as you arrive here, you will hear tourists exclaiming in excitement for this geographical wonder - Water Running Upward. As an old saying goes, "People go high, water flows low." This irrigation ditch about only 1.8 km away from Doulan, interestingly, violates the basic rule of gravity and runs slowly uphill along the ditch. Next to the ditch stands a block inscribed with the word "Wonder." Visitors to Water Running Upward are always curious about it: Does water really run upward? You need to see it with your own eyes. It will be a very memorable experience! 水往上流
International Landmark (Seaside Park)
The International Landmark stands in Taitung Seaside Park. Merging landscape with public art, it represents the unique cultural, historical, and natural characteristics of Taitung. The distinct rattan roof is guaranteed to catch visitors’ attention. The International Landmark stands quietly on the coast: In the morning, it welcomes the first ray of sunshine. At night, in the dim light, its shimmer and glamor await the world. 國際地標(海濱公園)
〔DAY 2〕

Fugang Geopark (Xiaoyeliu)
Fugang Geopark (Xiaoyeliu) is located north of Fugang Fishing Port. It is the southmost tourist attraction on the East Coast. Due to the interlayer deposition of thick-bedded sandstone and thin-bedded mudstone, changes in geological structure, and the erosion and scouring of sea waves, odd-shaped rocks such as cuesta, honeycomb rocks, turtle rocks, tofu rocks, and mushroom rocks are formed. We recommend you to take a walk from the Visitor Center to Fugang Geopark (Xiaoyeliu) along the seaside walking trail. Observe coastal plants such as Silvery Messerschmidia and Sea Hibiscus, stroll along the coconut tree walk, feel the serenity of nature, and listen to the Concerto of the sounds of birds and waves.
Jialulan Recreational Area
At Jialulan, there is a large grass field, a pagoda and tourist center of distinct design, and a viewing platform where you can look out to Doulan Bay, Doulan Mountain, and Fugang Geopark (Xiaoyeliu). It not only offers a great place for a break during your East Coast trip, it is also a wonderful photo spot. Tourists can relax in the sound of waves, the sea breeze, and the warm sunlight in Jialulan. Besides the natural beauty, there is various driftwood art and carved stone art on display in the park. You might notice that driftwood art was used to decorate the pagoda. 加路蘭遊憩區
Jimmy S.P.A. collaborates with the Pisirian Tribe in painting the little girl from Jimmy’s book “One More Day with You” in 11 places in the tribe. While visiting these 11 spots, you will be able to further explore the Pisirian Tribe and its serene and simple beauty. In addition to the portraits, idle space and abandoned buildings in the tribe have been renovated. You will be able to visit the Jimmy park, enjoy tribal art, and indulge yourself in the natural beauty of the tribe being surrounded by mountains and the ocean.
Riding bikes in Taitung Forest Park
Taitung Forest Park is nicknamed “The Black Forest” for the large number of dark beefwood trees in the park. There is a bike trail that goes through the beefwood forest and connects three lakes. Along the way, you can enjoy the nature and scenery without too much artificial landscaping, and take in all the natural goodness with your own eyes. It’s an excellent bike tour that will make you want to spend more time here.

The Tourism Bureau, MOTC is dedicated to promoting tours for Muslims. With awareness of the daily prayers and the ritual washing performed by Muslims before prayer, Tourism Bureau has set up prayer rooms and washing facility at 13 Visitor Centers of the National Scenic Area Administrations. Muslims from all around the world are warmly welcomed to visit.
Day 1
Route: Hualien City -> Fengbin Skywalk -> King Kong Avenue -> Sanxiantai -> Lunch (Chenggong Marlin Café) -> Performance by the Amis Kakeng Musical Group at the Amis Folk Center -> Douli Visitor Center -> Donghe Bridge -> Water Running Upward -> International Landmark (Seaside Park) -> Dinner -> Return to accommodation

Day 2
Route: Breakfast -> Fugang Geopark (Xiaoyeliu) -> Jialulan -> Pisirian Tribe -> Lunch (Chenggong Marlin Café) -> Bike tour in Taitung Forest Park -> Return home
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  • Muslim Tour – North to South (1 day)
  • Muslim Tour – North to South (1 day)
  • Muslim Tour – North to South (1 day)
  • Muslim Tour – North to South (1 day)
  • Muslim Tour – North to South (1 day)
  • Muslim Tour – North to South (1 day)
  • Muslim Tour – North to South (1 day)
  • Muslim Tour – North to South (1 day)
  • Muslim Tour – North to South (1 day)