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Adventures in the rapids, tours around Ruisui.

In-depth tours of the golden Ruisui at a relaxed pace.

Warm sunshine casts light on the country road. Falling petals from the cassia trees on the roadside make it look like a beautiful golden shower. Ruisui Township was previously named “Shui-hwei” (water end), implying the end of the Xiuguluan River. Xiuguluan River is most known for the whitewater rafting. Every year in summer, the Xiuguluan River Rafting Triathlon attracts athletes in the country and from abroad to take on the challenge. With rafts cutting through the rough waters and people screaming and lauging, this is a very popular summer sports event.
In addition to whitewater rafting that is focused on speed and thrills, you could also join the tribesmen for a cultural rafting experience of Tatadok and learn about the water-dependent way of life and wisdom. What cannot be missed during your trip to Ruisui are the local ranch and well known fresh cow milk, delicious wendan (Taiwan pomelo), aromatic black tea, and the winter-must, hot spring. Are you ready? Follow me - with a keen spirit, let’s begin this Ruisui in-depth trip.

River rafting

  • Xiuguanluan River Visitor Center

    Xiuguanluan River Visitor Center

    The exterior of the center is based on a traditional indigenous design. It is the first stop when visitors come for rafting on Xiuguluan River so useful information is supplied here. There is also a camping area for visitors to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

    No. 215, Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd., Ruisui Township, Hualien County


  • Xiuguluan River

    Xiuguluan River

    The best way to experience Xiuguluan River is of course rafting! With a total length of 104 km, it is the longest river in Eastern Taiwan. Riding the rubber raft and departing from Ruisui Bridge, you will follow down the river and go through many thrilling rapids, before finally arriving at Changhong Bridge at the estuary to the sea. Along the river you will find beautiful scenery on both sides, and at the same time, you’ll have to carefully dodge the hidden vortexes and sudden rapids. This is going to be a 100% thrilling experience where you’re likely to get soaking wet!

    The estuary is at the 68-km marker of Provincial Highway 11 in Ruisui Township, Hualian County.


    Opening hours:24H

  • Kiwit Tribe cultural rafting

    Kiwit Tribe cultural rafting

    The Thinking Road of the East Coast—The Tatadok Rafting and Culture Experience“Tatadok” in the Amis language means following the river downstream. With modern rafts, you can sit back and enjoy Xiuguluan River that is surrounded by mountains. Let the Kiwit warriors take you along the river, cast fishing nets, catch shrimps, cook in the wild, play games, or just relax and experience the old tribal wisdom yourself and marvel at the nature.

    No. 2-10, Qimei Vil., Ruisui Township, Hualien County

    03-8991220 / 0912-523026

Original tours

  • Kiwit Tribe

    Surrounded by mountains and blessed with great scenery, the crooked valleys and the layered river terraces form the unique geology of Kiwit. The whole tribe is like a living museum. You can visit the traditional residential houses, raft on the river, cast nets to catch fish, place cages in the river for catching shrimps, taste stone hotpot, listen to the ancient tales, and visit the Kiwit Indigenous Museum. While you listen to the Kiwit tales, take in all the beautiful scenery with your eyes, allow your mind, body, and soul to cleanse and recharge in the nature, and feel the beauty all around you.

    No. 2-10, Qimei Vil., Ruisui Township, Hualien County

    03-8991220 / 0912-523026

  • Olalip Tribe

    As a branch of the Kiwit Tribe, Olalip Tribe is located in Hegang Village, Ruisui Township. Due to its climate and soil being perfect for growing the wendan pomelo, Hegang is called the home of wendan. In Spring, you are welcomed here to smell the pomelo flowers, taste the pomelo flower tea, and try DIY making scent bags and soaps. In Fall, you can be the one-day farmer here and try picking the pomelos from the trees.

    Hegang Vil., Ruisui Township, Hualien County

  • Maibul Tribe

    At the foot of Wuhe Mountain, the Maibul Tribe is a secluded place, preserving the Sakizaya culture. Here you can try the “singing” glutinous rice cake, Padadiw, and weaving hemp rope handbags. If you want to know more about the Sakizaya people, visit the Maibul Tribe!

    Wuhe Vil., Ruisui Township, Hualien County

  • Kalala Tribe

    Kalala means basket in the Amis language. The origin of the name is the basin Kalala is located in, nurturing this beautiful tribe full of coffee and fruity fragrances. When you visit this tribe, the must-dos are coffee tasting, fishing in the Xiuguluan River, and the Pakerang tribal feast. Experience the tribal hospitality with your heart.

    Wuhe Vil., Ruisui Township, Hualien County

The golden spring

Ruisui Hot Spring

The end of Fall and the beginning of Winter is the perfect time for enjoying hot spring. Ruisui Hot Spring is famous for its iron-rich water at a temperature of 48 ℃. Oxidization turns the water into a light yellow, murky color, and thus the name, golden spring. It is also the only carbonate spring in Taiwan.

Ruisui hot spring is next to Hongye hot spring. Take Wenquan Road towards Central Mountain Range in Ruisui Township, you will arrive at Ruisui hot spring.

Local specialties

  • Hibiscus


    Hibiscus is sometimes called the “ruby” of plants. The rich polyphenol in hibiscus is said to have the benefits of boosting liver health. The rich anthocyanin, flavones, polyphenol are also good for the skin and can lower blood fat levels. Hibiscus has been a popular healthy food in recent years.

    Place of origin: Qimei Vil., Ruisui Township

  • Wendan pomelo

    Wendan pomelo

    You will find pomelo farms everywhere in Hegang Village, with most trees over 30 years old. These old trees produce wendan pomelos that are small but heavy. These palm-sized fruits are aromatic and sweet, with thin peels and fine pulps. They are the top-grade pomelos popular among gourmets.

    Place of origin: Hegang Vil., Ruisui Township

  • Milk


    The Ruisui region has the largest dairy cow farms in Hualien County. There are the well-known Ruisui Ranch and Jizheng Ranch, producing high-quality and tasty fresh milk representative of Ruisui.

    Place of origin: Ruisui Ranch, Jizheng Ranch

Must-try delicacies

  • Aromatic black tea

    Aromatic black tea
  • Coffee

  • Meat Zongzi

    Meat Zongzi
  • Green tea Ba-wan (meat ball)

    Green tea Ba-wan (meat ball)
  • Fresh milk wonton ramen

    Fresh milk wonton ramen
  • Fresh milk hotpot

    Fresh milk hotpot