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The main snorkeling location on the East coast is Green Island. Also in recent years, Shitiping has become a new snorkeling hot spot. With Green Island’s tropical climate, adjacency to the Kuroshio current plus the surrounding inrush current, sea life flourishes in the waters. Local snorkeling guides will choose suitable diving areas for visitors according to the wind and swell conditions. Snorkeling areas are situated near the intertidal zones between the sea and coral rock clusters, providing varying waters for exploring. Between the shore line and the large coral rocks is the coral platform covered by a variety of coral formations. Schools of colorful fish swim between these formations, creating a beautiful underwater scene. After snorkeling, one can observe the intertidal zone and the variety of life subsiding in it, such as seaweed, sea urchins and starfishes.

Green Island
Green Island

There are two main snorkeling areas; Chaikou and Shilang. Both are rated as beginner zones. In these areas, diving paths have been constructed to give divers and snorkelers ease of access to the water and also to protect the coral formations from visitors.


Situated south of Fengbin Township in Hualien, following the gorgeous scenic Provincial Highway 11, Shitiping presents the most beautiful coral formations and sea trenches on the east coast. With crystal clear waters and a rich, diverse underwater ecosystem, every detail is clearly visible; the place is perfect for diving.

Snorkeling Information

* Between June and August, strong southwest winds blow through Green Island. During this season, Chaikou snorkeling area is most recommended if you are thinking of snorkeling due to it being sheltered from the winds.
* Chaikou has diving walk paths to allow divers and snorkelers easy access to the water and also to protect the ecosystem from human threats.
* After snorkeling, do not forget to observe the life residing in the intertidal zone. The zone is filled with starfishes, sea urchins and seaweed.
* The waters around Green Island are filled with great snorkeling/diving spots all year round.

  1. Expectant mothers and those with heart problems, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or asthma, are advised not to dive. Please evaluate your own health and physical condition first to see if you are suitable for snorkeling.
  2. Do not go diving after drinking alcoholic beverages.
  3. Make sure you are in good physical and mental condition. Avoid engaging in snorkeling activities after insufficient sleep or taking any type of sleeping pill or sedative.
  4. Wait at least an hour after eating before snorkeling.
  5. Choose a reputable, well-equipped and licensed coach and a business that provides accident liability insurance. (Personal injury pay out of over NTD 3 million)
  6. Obey the instructions given by the coach, and do not separate from your group.
  7. Do not hunt fish, shells, shrimps, crabs, and mollusks. Do not damage or trample on the coral reefs at sea.
  8. Do not touch any unknown marine life.
  9. If signs of fatigue, injury or any discomfort occur, immediately inform the coach, stop further activity and return to shore for medical attention and rest.
  10. Before entering the water, thoroughly check all your equipment and ensure that all instructions are clear. Ensure the mask, snorkel and life vest are securely fastened. When returning to shore, make sure you have left the shallow reef area before removing the mask, snorkel and life vest.
  11. Before engaging in the activities, listen to the coach about safety practices in the local waters and understand the proper procedure in the event of an emergency.
  12. Do not violate the restrictions on the areas, times, and activities stipulated by the authority governing the recreational activities in that sea area.
  13. Do not snorkel alone.
  14. Be sure to only hire licensed snorkeling coaches; each coach should only instruct a maximum of 10 people at a time.
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