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In addition to the coral reefs, the East Coast has the best waves in Taiwan. Therefore, on holidays or during the winter, people in Taiwan crowd the East Coast, surf the waves and enjoy the beautiful blue skies. Surfers know that Jinzun, Donghe, Jihui , Changbin, and Jiqi are a surfer's paradise.
The International East Coast Surf Tournament was held in Jiqi, Fengbin Township and in 2011 the East Coast International Surfing Contest was held in Jinzun in Donghe, Taitung County which has driven up the reputation of East Coast surfing.

Wushibi & Donghe

Wushibi & Donghe

The coast is a sand beach, a safe surfing spot. During the northeast monsoon season and summer vacation, there will be good waves, suitable for beginners. You can also find surfing shops in the neighboring area, which provide surfboard rental services and surf lessons. Everyone is welcome to experience the surfing sensation.

Baxian Cave & Chenggong

Baxian Cave & Chenggong

The surfing spot consists of fixed-point reef breaks. It has perfect and faster waves, a place which sensation-seeking surfers love to challenge. When you surf, keep a watchful eye on the rocks along the coast to avoid injuries. Due to the dangerous landform, it is advisable for beginners to first consult experienced surfers beforehand to avoid accidents.

Time point

You can surf here all year round. From Donghe to Changbin, the continental shelf extends for about 50 m to 60 m. On normal days, the place is already suitable for surfing. Even more, the Northeast monsoon between the autumn and winter will lead to increased wave heights, making the period of time perfect for surfing.


The average temperatures in the summer range approximately from 17°C to 29°C, whereas the average temperatures in the winter range from 16°C to 20°C. The temperatures during the day in the summer can reach over 30°C. You should be extra careful to protect yourself from sunburn and drink enough water. Meanwhile, typhoons often strike the place from August to October in the summer. Surfers should watch out for their own safety and keep tabs on weather warnings. Do not go surfing when there is a typhoon warning.

  1. In order to surf, you need step-by-step surf lessons. You should follow the instructions of the coach and check your equipment thoroughly.
  2. Surfing requires an environment with big waves. The usual safety equipment is not enough in case of an accident. Therefore, professional safety equipment is introduced to meet the requirements, e.g. boats that can plough through waves, rescue boats.
  3. When surfing, you must look around you. When you see another surfer coming right towards you, you should paddle and dive down immediately to ensure your own safety.
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