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Bike Trip

Sanxiantai to Chenggong

Interestingly, the Chenggong of the town fish market transactions and fresh seafood, you must not be missed. Riding from Newport Marina Park to Sanxiantai fishing along the direction of riding through the coastal landscape to find Sasiantai lies. 1500-meter-long bicycle trail is surrounded by Sanxiantai to the Jihuei Fishery Harbor section of the coast forest, across the gravel beach coral reef when you slow-moving, careful observation, will be able to stroll across the occasional all kinds of crabs, rich ecological environment suitable for you and your children to join.

Riding Information

RouteChenggong→Rural Road East 17→Sansiantai Recreation Area→Baishoulian Riverside Park
Length9.7 kilometers
Road Width1.5-7 meters
Public RestroomThe Marine Environmental Education Center of Chenggong Yacht Marina, Chenggong, Sanxiantai
Stroll timeabout 1.5-2 hours(round trip)
Terrain situationThe use of urban roads. Rural Road East 17, Rural road and Sanslantal scenic coast road. Sections are mostly flat terrain, only the harbor of Chenggong in the side of the road and into the Sansiantai scenic sections of the steep slope to a maximum of 2.5%.
Cycling StationsSanxiantai Visitor Center