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Cycling Route

Moonlight Inn to Doulan

Moonlight inn-Doulan-Dulanbi Bike Route starts from Water Running up and northward across a tribe to Doulan. Farmland landscape alongside is extremely beautiful. Veering direction to Yuanshan Rural Road, tourists can pass through two Doulan Ruins then finally reach Moonlight Inn where people can have a cup of coffee and enjoy local art. Moving forward on downhill trip to Dulanbi, known as Amis holyland-sea cape, tourists can look down magnificent Pacific Ocean view. They also will enjoy feast of art at Sintung Sugar Factory Culture Park on the way to Dulanbi and finally experience feeling of standing under coastal cliffs.

Riding Information

Route Dulan→Moonlight Inn→Water Running Up→Dulanbi
Length 8 kilometers
Road Width 5~6 meters (one-way lane)
Public Restroom Moonlight small stack, Doulan Sugar factory, Water Running Upward
Stroll time about 2-2.5 hours(round trip)
Terrain situation The use of Yuanshan Rural Rd., Rural road and highway No.11. Relatively steep terrain, climb to 120meters high, with an average slope of 5-6.8%.
Cycling Stations Doulan Police Station, Doulan Shopfront