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Cycling Route

Changbin to Zhongyong

Changbin-Zhongyong bike loop is planned based on the Changguang Rural Road. The fabulous ocean view and the countryside along the bottom of the coastal mountains can be all captured when riding. It is one of the best choices you spend your leisure time on. Going down the road the coastal terrace field view is enjoyable from Changguang to Zhongyong. You may have a rest at observation tower. The great location on the hillside, the expansive views of the Pacific Ocean are in front of you. Small lanes leading to the local scenic spots like hundredyear divine tree, the wishing pool, the giant rock, and water source are waiting to explore in the riding trip.

Riding Information

Route Changbin→Jhongyong community→Changguang community
Length 5 kilometers
Road Width 5~7 meters (one-way lane)
Public Restroom Changbin Gas Station
Stroll time about 1-1.5 hours(round trip)
Terrain situation The use of Changguang Rural Rd. Changguang Rural Rd is more steep terrain, climb to 120 meters high, with an average slope of 4%.
Cycling Stations 7-11 Changbin Shopfront