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Cycling Route

Jingpu to Kiwit Tribe(Qimei)

Jingpu - Qimei bicycle trail built along Ruigang County Road. The Hsiukulan cut through the coastal range, showing a complete geological structure of the Coastal Mountain Range. The result of the various streams (such as the meandering stream, river terraces, etc.) topography and landscape character is memorable. Recommended where you can stay involved in organizing an event on the Qimei tribes, such as the Creek Walk, shrimp cages, visit the Qimei Museum aboriginal, traditional houses and landscape architecture, or one night to experience the rich cultural tribal music and cuisine, a certain you can feel a different fun.

Riding Information

Route Jingpu→Kiwit Tribe(Qimei)
Length 14kilometers
Road Width 5~8 meters (one-way lane)
Public Restroom Kiwit Tribe(Qimei)
Stroll time about 3.5-4 hours round trip
Terrain situation The use of Ruigang County Road and highway No.11. Relatively steep terrain, especially at 6kilometer and 7.2 kilometer, to an average slope of 4.9%
Cycling Stations Kiwit Tribe(Qimei)