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Cycling Route

Donghe to Taiyuan

The starting line for the East River communities, this can participate in the East River tribes roaming the walking activity and tasting unique creative cuisine. The route along the Mawu Cave Creek and the line, beautiful scenery along the way went through the recreation area Dengxian Bridge can watch Taiwan's wild macaque, the rustic charm full of uncanny workmanship of nature continued forward line can be seen under the Taiyuan Glen, is the most beautiful coastal mountains Valley, Taiyuan Street end of cooking can taste the flavor of the old days.

Riding Information

Route Donghe Community→Densian Brg.→Taiyuan community
Length 12 kilometers
Road Width 3-10 meters
Public Restroom Donghe Bridge, Taiyuan Gas Station
Stroll time about 3.5-4 hours(round trip)
Terrain situation The use of highway No.23 and No.11. Highway. No.23 is more steep terrain, especially at 2.8kilometer and 4.2kilometer to an average slope of 6% , Rural road slope is more gentle.